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Drummer, Marty Bracey was raised in Chicago, Illinois.

He has toured and appeared at numerous venues with such well known musicians as The Chi-lites, and Tyson Davis.

In 1980, Marty achieved stardom in Japan as the drummer for “Monta & Brothers”. He got many awards.

From 1970 to 1990, Marty participated in numerous concert tours and recording sessions with musicians from many genres.

He has appeared twice on NHK’s yearly New Year’s music special “Kouhaku-utagassen”.

Later, he produced and appeared on NHK television documentary entitled “The Spiritual Fascination of Japanese Traditional Drums: an American drummer’s challenge”.

He has composed songs which combine traditional Japanese drumming with western drumming styles.


Since 2007, Marty has appeared on stage and in concert with such well regarded contemporary musicians as Okamoto Island, Tomoya Takaishi, SPEED's main vocal Hiroko Shimabukuro and “B-EDGE “.


Since the fall of 2010, Marty has appeared regularly as the MC for a BBC broadcast from Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, entitled “Kirameki ☆Meister”.


From JAZZ, POP, FUSION, LATIN, and RHYTHM & BLUES, to traditional JAPANESE FOLK MUSIC, Marty plays a wide variety of genres with passion, soul and his impeccable sense of timing and rhythm.

At present Marty has a school in Kyoto, and teaches percussion & drum seminars all over Japan.


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